Pointers and facts about monologues
-College programs want two monologues- not one! Make sure you don’t spend 100% of your time on one monologue!
-Do not choose a monologue with violent behaviour and vulgarity
-Make sure you do contrasting monologues when you do auditions with 2 monologues. Contrasting monologues display two completely different characters from two different plays and genres (this lets the casting directors know you are capable of a wide range of characters) 
-Never go over your time limit with a monologue. People appreciate smaller monologues.
-Analyze your monologue, if what your character is saying is not interesting to you, why would the casting directors be interested? Keep searching! 
-Practice is the most valuable thing if you’re trying to perfect your monologue!
-Keep a file of every monologue you ever work on and always work on new monologues constantly, that way you’ll find your favourites fast!

Great Monologues

1. “Real” by Jimmy Brunelle -  SERIOUS/DEEP

2. "The Gravity of Graduating" - COMEDIC
About the monologue: Cindy’s friend is upset because she spilled Hawaiian punch on her dress at school. CIndy is not very sympathetic because her day was even more disastrous. 

Cindy: That is nothing! My physics exam was today. I had my alarm and coffee pot set to go off at five. I had to cram. But when I woke up, it was seven o’clock! You should have seen me! I was brushing my teeth with one hand, putting on mascara with the other, and reading my physics book with my free eye. I ran out the door with only one shoe on. I’m hobbling to school, eating my poptart, memorizing, “Power equals energy over time, Power equals energy over time.” My energy is way up, I’m on time, I have the power to do this! I plop down in the chair. I look down and the booklet says, “The U.S. Constitution!” I studied for the wrong test! The wrong test! So I’m sorry you spilled Hawaiian punch on your dress, but I’m about to fail the 11th grade!

3. "Ghost Of The Tree”- Charles Robertson - SERIOUS/DEEP

4. “Deep Breath” Male Monologue - SERIOUS/DEEP

5. "Bandana Mania” - Teen Female - COMEDIC

6. “Lick My Wounds” - Teen Female Monologue- SERIOUS/DEEP

6. “Rather Be A Man” -Female Monologue - COMEDIC

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