"Well, first off, there are a number of good ways to become famous, and you need to get yourself up in front of casting directors, producers, and an audience quickly. The fastest ways to do that are - classes, extra jobs, self-promotion, low budget films, and getting representation. Make sure that you have a headshot (8x10 photo of your face), and some sort of resume, and then charge into stardom like a bull.
Remember that an actor takes every single opportunity possible to act!
Another way to become famous, a little bit, is by entering your name in on IMDB (the internet movie database). Once casting directors are able to look you up on IMDB it is a completely new ball game."
What I will personally recommend.. is getting an agent. Because remember, you cant get auditions without having an agent.

How do you find an agent? 
You can just google, "Yourcitynamehere talent agents".. go through the list of agents and pick one you like. Call them and ask if they are taking clients, if they are.. then ask to set up an audition!

I set up an audition date with them! Now what? 
Now you should print out a nice 8x10 headshot of you (it doesn't have to be professional) and print out a resume. And bring your talent to the audition!

What are they going to ask me to do at an interview? 
Well, in any case you should have a monologue ready and memorized for them! An actor should ALWAYS have a monologue memorized, just in case. However, you should call in and ask if they need you to read a monologue that they will pick out, or if you should bring one in. AS WELL, know what a slate is. (a slate is "hello my name is ____ and im ___ years old." ) you must practice your slate and learn to say it with personality and charm.

The following pointers are not my own:

  1. Before you do anything, start gathering information and doing research. Many people say they want to become an actor, but they really don't realize what it is they are saying. Talk to other actors, i.e. other people who are already doing what you say you want to do. Check out industry papers and websites like,,, and so forth. Try and get an idea of what an actor does from day to day when he/she is not yet working regularly.
2. Get an education in acting. If you want to become an actor, you must study the craft. Acting isn't for everyone, so try taking a college class. That's the best way to see if you really want to make it your career.
3. Look into taking summer camps and workshops to increase your knowledge and improving your skill. Some of these can be intensives where months worth of material is compressed into a period of 2-3 weeks.
4. Hire an acting coach to iron out kinks in your technique. A person like this can give you the personal attention you need, finding where your weak spots are; something like a professor in a big class might not be able to pick up on. 5. Try your hand at community theater. This can be a step above college theater if the theater is in a city known for its acting community. Get a role in one of these productions and you’ll be with others who are polishing their craft just like you and are from a higher level of competition.
6. Decide if you want an agent or not. At least you’ll have the experience and education behind you at this point to have a good chance at landing a reputable agent who will be able to go out there and get you work.
7.Don't forget about the business aspect. This is often overlooked. If you are an actor, you are going into business for yourself and need to treat your career as such.