Monday, April 25, 2011

Travel Vlogs?

Last year, as some of you may know, I went away to Russia and Greece for 4 weeks. This year, I'm going to Russia, quite possibly a bunch of Scandinavian countries and other random places, except in the span of 5 weeks.
Now, 5 weeks without thatsophiakid videos will be terribly impossible so I'm going to still be getting videos up in that time. However, I don't know if you guys would like to see me vlog and film in all of these beautiful places. I don't know if you guys think those videos should go on another channel or if they should all be on thatsophiakid. I'll try my hardest to bring a laptop with me, but knowing my mom, she will most definitely not let me do that haha
So let me know, would you be interested in travel vlogs and videos of different parts of the world?
Travelling is my greatest passion, so I would more than love to share that with you all.
A picture of icebergs I took last year from the airplane

Monday, April 11, 2011

The price of beauty

What makes humans (homo sapiens)  unique? One of the things, is our love and desire to be beautiful and see beautiful things. We simply treasure beauty and whether we realize it or not, spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars to look beautiful. I came across this thought in the shower, weirdly enough. I thought, "how much money do I spend a year on my appearance?" "Do I spend more than $100?" Which seems funny to some people, that spend thousands in just a month on things like extensions and surgical procedures.
Why do we spend all that money to look good?
What would we look like if we didn't care?
What would society look like if we all didn't care?
How much do YOU think you spend?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shadiness of the modelling industry

A few days ago, I somehow came across a photo of a beautiful girl who's name was Ruslana Korshunova. I googled her name to find out exactly who and what she was, because her pictures looked familiar.
The shocking thing is that google told me this (at the time) 20 year old model committed suicide by jumping off of her 9th story New York apartment.
I found conspiracy theories suggesting that she got pushed because she wanted to leave the modelling industry but the "mafia" wouldn't let her. I honestly just laughed at this. Then, people were saying the New York Underground World puts models in a position of prostitution and there are "creepy rich men" that pay these girls so that they can afford to live in New York. Once again, I laughed it off,
Kind of confused about all of this, I asked a Russian model Valeria Sokolova, if she thought this was true or if she ever experienced this. She herself said that this was all imaginary stuff that people make up.
Tying this off, I'd like to remind you guys that you should always always always read  the contracts you are given to sign. When your agency gives you a contract, take it to a lawyer!! Be aware of what you promise people and don't skip it just because of excitement. I made this mistake two years ago when I skimmed through the Camp Rock 2 confidentiality agreement... ya, let's say if you know what happened (shh) if you don't, lets never mention it again! :)

Have you ever heard any stories of models and actors who are apart of some secret contract or agency?

Ruslana Korshunova

Monday, April 4, 2011

Fame is Overrated

I recently came across a statistic that claimed that 51% of high school students stated their overall goal in life was to become famous. Shocking? To me, it wasn't necessarily a surprise, but imagining that over half of my school considers their goal to become famous, kind of made me realize just how many people are really affected by the media. We tend to think celebrities have it all, but what is funny is that these celebrities hide in their homes from paparazzi, get tired of interviews and dismiss any questions, and are practically stalked and analyzed for the rest of their lives. Something I learned recently (which is based on a psychological study), is that kids that want to be famous have a history of being ignored or not given much attention at home or school. Apparently, this belief is not progressing onto the idea that all YouTubers are not given attention, but of course i'll have to deny that too haha.
So is wishing to become famous unrealistic and hopeless? My opinion? It can be.
I would say absolutely, but then again there's people like Spencer Pratt that feed off of fame and enjoy it in every narcissistic way possible.
I think if you do something you love, and do it for the passion- that can definitely make people like you, therefore bringing you fame.
I don't think being famous is something people should look to be, I think respect is so much more important.
Being a respected and passionate actor, is sooo much better than just being a "famous" actor.
Think of it this way- would you rather be famous but disrespected Rebecca Black, or less-famous but talented musician?