Monday, April 11, 2011

The price of beauty

What makes humans (homo sapiens)  unique? One of the things, is our love and desire to be beautiful and see beautiful things. We simply treasure beauty and whether we realize it or not, spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars to look beautiful. I came across this thought in the shower, weirdly enough. I thought, "how much money do I spend a year on my appearance?" "Do I spend more than $100?" Which seems funny to some people, that spend thousands in just a month on things like extensions and surgical procedures.
Why do we spend all that money to look good?
What would we look like if we didn't care?
What would society look like if we all didn't care?
How much do YOU think you spend?


  1. To be honest, not much. Any makeup, which only includes an eyeliner pencil(I've had since grade 6...) and mascara(I got in grade 6, yes it's lasted 4 years.) So.... Not much? I don't buy new clothes because I'm saving for a camera to further my projects I work hard on everyday. Because I'm saving, I don't even go shopping because I don't want to let myself buy anything at all. I don't buy hair products except for shampoo and conditioner, which I've had for years also. & My hair straightener cost me 20 dollars back when I was in grade 7. I'm not worried whatsoever about what people are thinking about my appearance. I think I'm a good person, and the only time someone's judgement hurts is when they call me a negative person, and I try so hard to not portray a negative feel onto anyone. I want to brighten people's days, not hinder them.

  2. I agree! If there weren't celebrities and beauty queens, people wouldn't feel the need to spend so much money on their appearance. If everybody wore no makeup and natural hair, it would probably be thought of as beautiful. Or at least true beauty would be able to show.
    I'm only in 7th grade, but I don't wear makeup, and I don't plan on starting any time soon. I don't think I need it, and really no one does. Of course I spend money on shampoo and whatever (actually I lied, I also have 1 tube of mascara) but makeup is a waste of money in my opinion when you can look just fine without it. People who are naturally beautiful are much more respected by me than people who spend tons of money on their appearance.

  3. Although what Alissa said had some very truthful points, i disagree with the fact that because society embeds images of perfect people in magazines, television, ect. is why we, as humans, feel the need to look perfect. Even without the media and other appearance propaganda, (sorry to be so blunt) some would still look better than others. Because of this, humans would begin feelin jealous. jealousy often leads to competiton. These are natural instincts that humans have and cannot be altered. Since the beggining of time, all living things, including plants and animals, have competed for whatever it is they desired. For example, say there are two plants that are planted one foot away from eachother. Plant #1 has absorbed the most water through its roots and, therefore, has grown taller. When plant #2 sees this, it will automatically begin to try and absorb as much water from the ground as possible.

    Have celebrities and media altered the way humans percieve beauty? Yes. But there is no way around a human's desire (or any creature for that matter) to be beautiful.