Monday, April 4, 2011

Fame is Overrated

I recently came across a statistic that claimed that 51% of high school students stated their overall goal in life was to become famous. Shocking? To me, it wasn't necessarily a surprise, but imagining that over half of my school considers their goal to become famous, kind of made me realize just how many people are really affected by the media. We tend to think celebrities have it all, but what is funny is that these celebrities hide in their homes from paparazzi, get tired of interviews and dismiss any questions, and are practically stalked and analyzed for the rest of their lives. Something I learned recently (which is based on a psychological study), is that kids that want to be famous have a history of being ignored or not given much attention at home or school. Apparently, this belief is not progressing onto the idea that all YouTubers are not given attention, but of course i'll have to deny that too haha.
So is wishing to become famous unrealistic and hopeless? My opinion? It can be.
I would say absolutely, but then again there's people like Spencer Pratt that feed off of fame and enjoy it in every narcissistic way possible.
I think if you do something you love, and do it for the passion- that can definitely make people like you, therefore bringing you fame.
I don't think being famous is something people should look to be, I think respect is so much more important.
Being a respected and passionate actor, is sooo much better than just being a "famous" actor.
Think of it this way- would you rather be famous but disrespected Rebecca Black, or less-famous but talented musician?

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  1. I couldn't agree more!! People become obsessive with being famous and eventually lose sight of what is really important like passion and happiness. Besides, if you are lucky enough and put in the work and consistence to become famous, you soon become weary of it and start wishing that you could just walk into Walmart and buy your freakin' jug of milk without somebody asking you to sign their butt.