Tuesday, June 7, 2011

incredibly unbelievably super sweet sixteen!

Birthdays are a, well, I’d love to say special time, but the harsh reality is that most of my birthdays after the age of 13 have been either whatever, or really bad. I think it was worth it, considering how amazing this year’s birthday was. Most teenagers dream of a glamourous sweet sixteen party. But me,  au contraire. I don’t see the joy in lashing out several thousands of dollars for other people’s entertainment. Isn’t it your special day?  So Instead, I just wanted to have a fun day with my mommy. I also don’t know how it happened, but she actually bought me a macbook pro, which i’m currently writing on right now. I’ve wanted one for like 10 years, so children let this be a lesson- you can have anything you want. Work hard, be dedicated and be open to new ideas. Anyways, onto the actual birthday; at first the plan was New York, then Niagara Falls, and then we decided to just go back to this beautiful creek that I spent my summers as a little kid. The whole ride there I couldn’t stop thinking, “some things really don’t change”, while listening to an ancient cd of U2. Your parents listen to that too, right? Haha well, I wanted to share my beautiful day with you guys, at least with some pictures.
The ride through the countryside
The gorgeous waterfall that you can actually jump into, except the current
will most definitely take you away...

Okay tell me this isn’t the cutest thing ever...
Earlier on in the day, before going to the creek.

 This is a violeta blackcurrant cake made by dadu. If you ever see one,
buy ten. 

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