Thursday, January 27, 2011


Hello :) I got a question today, about why I deleted my formspring. And I thought I really needed to write about it, instead. Let's just say, I really don't like formspring. At first it can be fun, getting asked irrelevant questions. However, you never get asked the questions you want to be asked, instead you get asked stuff that pushes your buttons, or doesn't interest you. Also, where did mystery go? Isn't it more fun to get to know somebody only by what you see, and not know what really goes on in their life? Formspring just lets people in on your life too close. In my opinion at least. So, I deleted it, and I didn't get it back, nor do I want it back.
What are you thoughts on formspring?


  1. Formspring is just a place for people to invade your privacy and ask you things that they would otherwise not ask if they weren't being anonymous. But it was cool while it lasted.