Saturday, February 19, 2011

Book Recommendation!

Hey guys! A while ago somebody inboxed me (or told me elsewhere and i completely forgot) about an awesome acting book! So incase you're going to go to the mall sometime soon or you live near a bookstore or a library, try to find out if they have the book in stock. If you do read it, let me know. I'm thinking for my next contest I'll give away a book like this to the winner :)

 The Power of the Actor” by Ivana Chubbuck


  1. Hey, I think I recommended the book (although I'm not sure ahah). It's called The Power of the Actor by Ivana Chubbuck. Other good books are Respect for Acting by Uta Hagen, Challenge to the Actor also by Uta Hagen and finally, Dream of Passion, by the great Lee Strasberg.

  2. I've read 15 or more acting books including power of the actor and i think my favorites are power of the actor and acting is believing

  3. But I wish to own those because i only get to check them out at the library :(