Saturday, February 5, 2011


There are around 132 days until summer for me... and might I say that I am so ready for it. I keep putting together outfits that would only work in the summer, and yesterday I walked outside and wanted to cry from how cold it was. Oh but the dreaded march month... I hate March. I feel like mother nature is taunting humans in March. It's hot one day, and you finally get excited to go out in  a sweater, and then the next day it's snowing. All the snow is melted one day and you get so happy, and the next it's all back. April is getting good, May is amazing, and June is just indescribable. February is one of my worst months too, I always get really antisocial and do stuff really out of my character... seriously why is there even a winter? I don't see a benefit to society or the earth. That was my rant.
Picture taken by me, in the glorious month of may..

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  1. yeah you know reading you blog that is so true but yeah so i have a question to ask-have you ever met somebody famous, if so..... who?