Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Theatre Show Review from last night (and technique)

Last night, I volunteered at a theatre that wasn't so local, but still around me somewhat
Basically, it was amazing. Not in the way they used props (they didn't use any) or any of that fancy stage equipment lights or stuff, it was so classic and you had to use your imagination to understand it
And that was what made it so powerful, the fact that the actors focused on making people  believe that they were in a certain position. They didn't change clothes at all, and they played like 5 different characters, simply changing one to another by doing an action.
So let that be kind of a trial thing, try to look in a mirror and try to be as many characters as you can by changing personalities, stories and accents :)
Let your imagination go wild, (and film it if you can and put it on youtube for me to see ) ;)

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