Thursday, February 3, 2011

stop hating people, stop hating

Why put somebody down because they're trying to do their own thing?
Why put somebody down because of the way they look? They were born that way, and everybody is beautiful.
Why would you try to make someone feel less than you? There are better ways to raise your confidence.
It's gross, just gross and annoying when I see people trying to put others down for doing their own thing, for being different or for being unique.
Haters should be everybody's motivators :)
Don't embarrass yourselves haters, some can see right through you and see nothing but insecurities.


  1. Sof, you're perfect anyway! ;)
    "Haters just gonna hate!" :)

  2. your right as rain on that note. me and a small group at my school try to stop it all with a little group we started called the black rebellion we have a blog please check it out :)